Aerojet Union Leadership

Chief Steward

Joe Abshire

Started at Aerojet 1974 as chemical operator B
1976 safety committee chairman
Member of the E-board
bylaw committee chairman
MNPL chairman
1995 called to work for the international as Liaison for IAM center for worker health and safety education spent 2 years in Cincinnati
1997 went to IAM headquarters as development coordinator for training programs IAM CREST
1998 assistant director IAM safety and health department
Retired IAM 2013
Back to Aerojet 2014
2015 steward, grievance committeeman,
2016 chief steward, on negotiating committee as chief steward as well as eboard

Grievance Committeeman

Mike Crowl

Start in 1997 as electrician
2003 assisted with contract negotiations
2012 to present negotiating committee
2012 vice president
2015 to present grievance committeeman
E-board 2012 to present


Safety Committee Chairman

Ken Masterman

Started in 1980 as maintenance mechanic for Cordova Chemical (now AMPAC)
Joined safety committee 2011
2014 to present safety committee chair




Negotiating committee

 left to right (Kevin Gallant, Clayton Bolton, James Hall, Mike Crowl, Charles Osby, Damon Johnson, Joe Abshire)

Damon Johnson (Chairman)

Joe Abshire
Mike Crowl
Kevin Gallant
Clayton Bolton
Charles Osby
James Hall

Aerojet Rocketdyne Stewards

Zone 1:
Kevin Gallant
started at Aerojet in 1983 as janitor worked his way through utility, operator b, a, senior, machine operator, experimental metal smith, process inspection.
2001 alt steward
2002 steward to present
2002 negotiating committee to present
Zone 2:
Milton madden
1977 start Aerojet as janitor
1985 steward swing 14 years
Held vice president, recording secretary, communicator, holding corp
2010 to present steward

Zone 3:
Clayton Bolton
started in 2007 as tta
2011 to present negotiator
Alt steward since 2009 steward since 2016

John Eldeen
started in 2005 sheet metal, currently maintenance mechanic
2010- present shop steward
2011-2014 negotiating committee chair
2014- present E-board

Charles Osby
started at Aerojet in 2005 as senior operator
2008 E-board member
2009-present steward
2014-present negotiating committee

Eric Zamarron
Started Aerojet in 2012 as a Senior Plastic Mechanic
2015 Swing shift shop steward
2015 Safety representative


Safety Committee

Election committee

Jared Villegas
Started in 2004 senior plastic mechanic
Election committee alternate for 8 years
2014 to current election committee
2015 to current alternate steward zone 1

John Sandoval

Christie Dobbs
Started in 2004 as a janitor now operator “B”
Election committee member since ?
Also held steward, holding corporation board member