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Steps to Take If You Become Unemployed

1.)    When you become unemployed the first thing you should do is go to your state’s unemployment office ( http://www.edd.ca.gov/ )and apply for unemployment benefits.  Often you will be eligible for six months of unemployment checks, sometimes longer when the government extends benefits, usually during times of higher than average unemployment rates.

2.)    Evaluate what you are worth.  Look at the labor market and determine the industry and rate of pay you require.  www.Salary.com

3.)    Develop a resume.  See the “Job Search” section on this website for more information and assistance.  Post your resume on the Internet.

4.)    Next you should plan how to pay your bills.  Information to assist you is included under “Budgeting” on this website.

5.)    Many employers will look at your credit report before making a hiring decision. See your Personal Credit Report Online – Free.

6.)    Search for jobs.

7.)    Consider ways to earn money other than salaried jobs.

8.)    Devote part of your time to gathering helpful information about how to deal with unemployment.